A life lesson, a good deed and Guy Fawkes

Walking to the nearby Co-op earlier I saw three kids sat outside begging for "Penny for the guy" innocent at first, but who would have thought it would've turned into a life lesson for them? Two kids had one Guy between them, whilst the other had one to himself. As I was about to walk past them towards the door the duo with their Guy shouted "Penny for the guy? Don't give it to him because he's ginger", pointing towards the kid on his own.

For those that don't know much about me, I was bullied throughout high school for longest 5 years of my life. Name calling, beatings, you name it - it happened. Eventually I learnt to stand on my own two feet and no longer take it, standing up for myself was a lesson well and truly learnt. I won't stand by and watch someone be picked on, abused or given verbal abuse. A few months ago actually, I got out of my car whilst at some traffic lights to stop and kid from being tormented by a group of school lads, sending them on their way ensuring the kid was okay before I drove off again.

Anyway back to today, I was quite taken a back that even these days kids are still being shunned because they're ginger or different. My finacée is ginger, likewise one my longest friends and yet both of them have been bullied at least once in their lifetimes. I told them; "Nothing is wrong with being ginger" and carried on walking into the store. Whilst inside I couldn't help but think about what I heard and felt like I could do something, anything to teach all three kids something.

When I went outside again I asked the ginger one which Guy was his, told him it was good and gave him a fiver. "Nothing wrong with being ginger. Remember that!". As I started to walk back home the two other kids were shouting "I didn't say anything was wrong with it." and then I heard someone shout "THANK YOU!" which made me smile. I walked past a woman who looked at me and smiled, perhaps even laughing.

I hope I've helped the kid for the future and hopefully an example set for the other two.

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