{% blockquote %} is a different kind of social platform.

We're building a real-time social service where users and developers come first, not advertisers.


Help us create the service we all wish existed.
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At $50 some people have joked that it's expensive and what-not, but really, the network is full of people who are focused, not spamming you with links to viagra and they're a wonderful and very open community.

What's amazing to see however is the sheer amount of people who have joined - many (if not all) of whom are in the tech industry and we're already starting to see apps/websites/services that use AppDotNets API, which costs an extra $50.

Currently I'm using several applications to make my life even better, and I am excited to be a part of a beta iOS application called AppApp.

I was super lucky to gain access to App.Net and I love it. It's missing many features that we've grown accustomed to from Twitter/Facebook, but they're getting there and it's improving all the time. I'm available as usual @jbrooksuk so if you're one of the people on it, say hi, follow me and I'll follow you back :)

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