Support Cachet development on Patreon

If you didn't know already, you can now support the continued development of Cachet on the Patreon page. As a side note, v2.3.0 is »

Phrontmatter v1.3.0

Today I tagged the v1.3.0 release of the Phrontmatter package. If you're unsure what package does or even what Front Matter is, then here »

Fingerprint an SSH key using PHP

A project I'm working on requires displaying the fingerprint of an SSH key. Without wanting to use exec to get the fingerprint, I wrote this: /** * Returns »

Laravel Mandrill

Today I open sourced a new Laravel package, Mandrill. The Mandrill package connects to Mandrill providing a wrapper around their PHP package. It's very easy to »

Cachet reaches version one

Yesterday evening we announced the availability of Cachet Version 1! What started out as a late night project for myself has turned out to be one »

Laravel packages I can't live without

This post is a little insight into how I work with Laravel (although you should check out Cachet for more info) at work and on my »


As one of the web developers who still has to deal with IE 8 <> 11, I'm aware of the issues that IE has with CSS »

Named route redirects with query parameters

In a project I'm working on I thought I'd be clever and add an intermediate route of /foo which redirects the user to the appropriate place »

Young Developer of the Year

I'm extremely proud and humbled to announce that I've been short listed for Young Developer of the Year as part of the prestigious Net Awards. The »

I'm speaking at Staffs Web Meetup - again!

This months Staffs Web Meetup is all about Show and Tell - aka the perfect opportunity for me to demo Cachet and talk about building things »