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As you can probably tell; my blog has changed slightly don't worry, I'm still using Octopress — because it's awesome— only the design has been changed.

When I first found out about Octopress I noticed that a lot of blogs powered by it keep the default template, only a few people choose to customise the colours and layout. It's always been something I've wanted to do and something I've been toying with locally, time after time however I just reverted my changes and left it as it was.

Finally I decided last night that I would just purchase a template because I suck at design, sit down and integrate it into Octopress.

The template had to:

  • Use Twitter Bootstrap, I like it, it's cool, easy to use and I use it everywhere these days
  • Lightly coloured
  • Preferably use LESS/SCSS (Typica didn't)
  • Suitable for blog content, even if it required a little work

After I decided on Typica, it was a fairly easy process to integrate, even with my limited knowledge of the internal workings of Octopress, Ruby on Rails and specifically Liquid Tags. I had a bit of bother splitting the post categories and displaying them as you see now, however I was soon able to work it out. Really the only things that confused me was which pages Octopress uses and how they're included, each page you see is like Inception because within itself it has several other pages which could ultimately be overridden by a custom included page outside of the theme files. Bleh.

The one change that I've made which is most noticeable is found on my About page, as you resize the browser the hero image will stay centered, I know it's nothing super-duper-awesome but I'm proud nonetheless, I want to fit the image better or perhaps just replace it in the future, but it'll do for now.

I've only just begun making the changes I have planned, and have a lot going on at the moment, so you should start to see more minor changes within the weeks to come. As a sneak peek, this is what I have planned:

  • Do something with the post header, it's a bit empty at the moment
  • Fix the mobile navigation problem, works on the template but not my blog?
  • Style the categories label better
  • Re-write some of the LiquidTags stuff because I've learnt a bit more since when I first started converting the theme
  • Fix some image issues on mobile devices
  • Perhaps update Twitter Bootstrap
  • Finalise some more page content I have planned
  • Fix list items as I'd rather the text was styled the same as paragraphs
  • Separate the SCSS files more, the majority is done but it's still a mess to work with
  • Change the navigation item styles — I think they're kind of ugly...

That's just the tip of the iceberg, I have a lot more planned and I'm excited for my blog for once.

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