Being a developer I tend to be given new features to work on or bugs that have cropped up during testing or since recent changes. It's improbable that you could develop a whole website from scratch that just _works_ there is always something that doesn't work as expected from the original plans or something you've missed - especially on the size websites that we run at Blue Bay.

I'm a big fan of using Issue Trackers to manage bugs, features and sometimes even to-do's - so much so I think I've tried almost every free version and a couple of paid solutions going. I work knowing I have a timeline of features, when they were requested, how the progress is going and feedback, a place organised to how I like to work.

Every time I've tried an issue tracker, something has been wrong with it. Whether it's the interface, the fact it doesn't support Markdown (I love Markdown), it's slow, too big, lack of recent updates - you name it, something is probably wrong. It kind of upsets me that nobody had found a way to organise issues in a way that just works.

Until I found Bugify. It solves almost all of the problems I mentioned above, but here are some of my favourite things about Bugify:

  1. Related tickets (such a use when you've closed a ticket, but one comes back up which requires you to "go back in time")
  2. Ticket differencing - a feature I recently suggested to see what's changed between edits.
  3. Markdown - although it's a bit iffy I've been told it's getting better!
  4. Milestones
  5. API - a big use for an internal feature I'm working on.
  6. Watch a ticket - useful when you need to monitor progress or you're waiting on a ticket to be closed.

The API is such a big feature for me though, it's paramount that we had this, and although it wasn't available when I first installed Bugify, Robert - the developer was quick to add it in.

This is another thing, the support. Robert is a great guy who's probably sick of my questions and requests. Every time I've suggested something I've either; seen it in the next release or two, or I've had a very good reason why my suggestion wouldn't work the way I explained - which is awesome, I appreciate Roberts honesty and his vision on where he wants to take his product.

And the big kicker, there is also an iPhone and Android app you can download! So go check it out. It's worth the money.

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