BugKick on Kickstarter

Today I backed another project on Kickstarter; BugKick. BugKick is an open source bug tracker, as described by Aaron Dunn.

{% blockquote Aaron Dunn, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/Musopen/open-source-bug-tracking Open Source Bug Tracking %} We hate reinventing the wheel, but we are also very unhappy with the current state of bug tracking apps. So we began work on BugKick.com - a very simple web-app to handle 90% of most users's task/project management and bug tracking needs. More importantly, being visual people, we have a slightly different take than what you see today which we think you will enjoy.

The idea for this project began after using BugKick for a while just for ourselves. Slowly friends of ours began asking to have an account, then friends of friends, and so on. Soon we realized we might have something others would appreciate. So we're here to ask for your help to finish and release the project as a free hosted and open-source project.
{% endblockquote %}

My dream is to find the perfect Bug Tracker, I've tried out almost every solution going. All I want is a good looking, well functioning application. It only has to be good looking because I spend a good few hours a day using them.

Currently I'm using a solution called Bugify by Frondiz which really is the best solution I've found so far, plus I'm in contact with the developer and love where he is taking it!

Even if I don't use BugKick and I've spent $10 I'm happy because perhaps one day it'll be the perfect solution I'm after - and you get what you pay for!

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