Building something for yourself

My goal in life has always remained the same. Found a company and when I hit a million in income I'll pay off my parents mortgage. I don't remember a time in my life when that's ever changed. It's always been an end goal for me.

At 23, I'm not part of a startup nor have I founded a company — I kind of did in college, but it didn't last long. This excludes me from being one of the cool kids that I read about on Hacker News. Every day I see people releasing new side projects, most of them soon start bringing in profits and becoming a full time job of their own. I wish them the best of luck, of course I do but it doesn't mean that I'm any less jealous of their success.

It's not like I can't build things, I have a lot of experience building different kind of systems for different companies. My problem lay in the fact that I used to believe that there weren't any problems that left that I can tackle and that need solving:

  • Accessing my files anywhere. Done.
  • Storing and sharing access to my code. Done.
  • Web hosting. Done.
  • Reading Hacker News from my iPhone. Done.

Since I didn't have a problem to solve, I started to ask other people. Always build to solve a need that people have. Except nobody else had a problem they needed solving. My Dad has had a couple of iPhone app ideas that would help the Fire Brigade, but they'd rely on massive systems integrations, a whole heap of testing when time is of the essence and most likely a whole bunch of paperwork. And since I'm not an experienced App Developer, I'd rather wait till my skills improve before I tackle the kind of problems he suggested need fixing.

I almost gave up… And then one day, I was sorting some stuff and realised that my current solution to a problem was really annoying me. I thought to myself that I can do better than this and I'm sure that other people can benefit from my implementation too.

Currently I'm not in the position to talk about it yet as it's early days. I've been working on this for only two days. What I can tell you is that:

  • The problem is bigger than I first expected. Which is good. I can continue to add new features over time.
  • Existing solutions are mostly awful to use.
  • It's web based. I'm building it with Laravel because it's incredible.
  • I'm already planning the iPhone and Android application.
  • This solves a problem for myself, my partner and my parents. There is a need for it.

Whilst that's all that I feel like I can say for now, you can rest assured that I'll be revealing more as the project evolves.

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