Cachet reaches version one

Yesterday evening we announced the availability of Cachet Version 1!

Cachet Version One

What started out as a late night project for myself has turned out to be one of the biggest projects that I've ever worked on - even now, 8 months later I'm still blown away by the reception of Cachet!

  • 50 individual contributors to the codebase
  • 850k+ visitors to the website
  • 4.5 million events tracked
  • Featured on Hacker News twice
  • Featured on Product Hunt
  • Mentioned by Smashing Mag
  • Picked up on Web Appers
  • Shared on several sub-reddits
  • Used in production in hundreds of companies across the world

I've given a talk on building things for yourself, how I started building Cachet (slides).

Cachet is most likely the reason that I've been nominated for Young Developer of the Year Net Award.

In amongst all of this I've learnt a lot about the Laravel framework, how to write good tests, adhering to code standards, building a brand and dealing with complications.

The amazing thing for me is that this is just the beginning. I have numerous ideas for Version 2 and a lot of work is going on behind the scenes in preparation for some other upcoming news, so stay tuned!

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