TLDR: Find Cachet on GitHub.

I realised a few days ago that Anorak is built on two services:

  • Stripe
  • GitHub

Both of which are out of my control. If either of these go down, then I'm unable to do anything to fix the problem. How do I inform the would-be users? Mailing list? It's a bit slow and requires me to re-use an existing template etc. Blog posts are fine too, but they need me to be on my Mac with Git.

And then I remembered reading about Status Page which is a page you setup containing your services and it'll keep track of the status of them, including automatic tracking of third-party services. Great! However it turns out to be quite expensive, $29 a month for the Hobby project. Sure, you've got to make money and the service does look really good, but my service isn't even released yet. What's surprising is that this Status Page is actually one of the cheaper options. Some alternatives start from an extra $10 p/m.

I toyed with the idea of making my own, but never had enough motivation, until one night I decided I'd start it and then see how far I got. Turns out the project is pretty fun and as such, Cachet was born.


Cachet is currently a single-site, SQLite powered status page which allows you to add:

  • Components
  • Individual incidents

At the moment everything has to be entered manually into the database, but I have plans for adding an administration panel and a way of updating settings to override the CSS etc.

It's completely open source and I'm open to any ideas you may have, just leave me an issue.

I've built Cachet with the following:

  • PHP, using Laravel 4.2
  • SQLite, but since we're using Laravel it's super easy to switch to a different database system.
  • Elixir - this is awesome. It took some hacking to work in 4.3 but it's great!
  • Bootstrap, because I'm not a designer.

Anyway, we've started using Cachet at work today, we entered a few of our internal incidents since the start of the week and we're going to be using it as a diary and internal staus page for our applications and websites, it's pretty cool!

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