Clear for Mac available now

Clear, the breathtakingly simple app for to-do lists on iOS has now been officially released on OSX for only £4.99 - £4.99 I hear you ask? Yep, and you better take it quick, that's a 50% discount for release day!

center /uploads/clear-mac.png

With iCloud syncing between iOS and OSX, what more do you want from it? Clear for Mac makes use of OSX's beautiful swiping features, don't worry - it can still be used by right clicking, you know, if you're too cool for swipe...

Regarding the price, there has already been a little concern about it's high price point, similar to that of the recently released Tweetbot for Mac. Dan Counsell the founder of Realmac, the ingenius company behind Clear and other apps, has stated "It's been rewritten from the ground-up so it's in no way a port, I really can't stress that enough". That's always good to see, companies actually putting heart into their work, not just making the Frankensteins Monster of the app world.

Anyway, it's worth checking out, the iCloud sync is beautiful and an update for the iOS version was recently released to add support for iCloud!

Clear for Mac on the App Store.

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