Cocoa Programming for OSX

So my Cocoa Programming for Mac OSX book from Big Nerd Ranch arrived a couple of days ago from Amazon.

Ever since I got my Mac Book Pro I've wanted to learn to program for it. Or at least get to a level where I could appreciate the applications like I do for Windows. I looked online for tutorials to accomodate XCode 4.1 but there are a small amount of decent tutorials, so I gave up.

This book has opened my eyes. I've spent a little time learning Objective-C which… I can see why people say:

You'll grow to appreciate how it works.

Some of the syntax is… well… bizarre. Some times I'm using [[object method] method] others I'm not, and it starts to get confusing.

At least I understand what:

{% codeblock lang:objc %} [[MyClass alloc] init] {% endcodeblock %}

does now!

Anyway, so the book covers some things I tried to do before I got the book. Mainly populate an NSTableView with data from a NSMutableArray which… is actually still harder than it should be.

To me, Objective-C and Cocoa still feel a little behind in things. Maybe I'm just used to PHP, which I totally agree, is very different. I can write C++ so it's just getting used to a few syntactical changes I guess.

Any how, I recommend this book. Get it.

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