Codecademy now teaches Ruby

Since my blog is primarily tech-focused the majority of my visitors will probably have heard of Codecademy, a website that is the easiest way to learn to code.


I first signed up to the website to see what all of the fuss was about, I completed several JavaScript lessons to see how it worked, then gave up because there was nothing for me to learn there. My account has been sitting dormant since then, until today when I got an email from them.

Straight away I was interested, I've wanted to learn Ruby and specifically Ruby on Rails for a few months now, however that didn't go too well and I basically gave up until a couple of days ago when I decided I'd sit down and follow the RoR tutorial and from there get my blog — powered by Ruby on Rails — updated.

Ruby is a strange language full of weird "blocks" and stuff.

my_arr = ["foo", "bar"]  
my_arr.each { |item| puts "#{item} is in the array!" }  

To me, the braces and the pipes used in that context are foreign and peculiar, so it was a bit weird to get my head around them at first.

So when Codecademy finally added Ruby I was ecstatic! I spent some time actually sitting down and following the lessons so that I could learn Ruby and eventually, Rails. The lessons are well thought out, easy to understand and made sense of the weird block code etc.

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