Introducing Contare, my first iOS App

I say first, but it's probably my fifth or sixth, it's just that this one has made it to the App Store. Yeah, I can officially say that I am an iOS Developer, whether I'm good at it or not.

My first app is an extremely simple counting app. Contare is that basic that it can only count one number, +1 or -1. It'll store the count too, so you can return to Contare and continue counting away.


I developed it after playing the wonderfully horrid Cards Against Humanity. Best. Game. Ever.

Originally I wanted to keep track of each players score, but I figured that I hit my MVP with score counting. Whether it's one number or more. This means that I'm now able to continue development on it.

Here is what I've got planned:

  1. Obviously keeping track of more than one number at a time.
  2. Named counting. Imagine a players list.
  3. iCloud syncing. Apparently it can get difficult though? Difficult hasn't stopped me before...
  4. iPad version, bigger screen, maybe more than one number at a time?

Yes, my app is very basic. Yes, my app is that simple a child could write it. The point is, I set out to do something and I did it. It may not be quite as I first imagine, but I reached my first goals. Gradually I'll understand Obj-C more and be able to write more interesting applications. My next app already consists of custom graph drawing and sockets!

Except updates. Expect more apps.

Download on the App Store

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