Cycling - the music

When I go out cycling I have to listen to music. It focuses me intensely, nothing else matters to me whilst my feet are pedalling away. I have a variety of music in my iTunes Library, I listen to anything from Maria to Beethoven through to Alvin Rusk and Skrillex, all of which I love. Music is amazing and I associate songs with important events in my life as I'm listening to them.

At the moment I'm quite into my Dubstep, Drumstep, DnB and Electronic music,the basslines and the drops make my ears feel alive. And I've found that cycling to a track with heavy basslines and a good tempo have made me cycle a lot better.

However, I've also found a couple of "PowerSongs" which is a couple of songs that gives me the motivation to keep on going. Here are my favourites:

That's only a couple of the songs that I listen to, but if you don't already, try listening to some music when you're doing your workouts etc.

On a side note, earphones are pretty important for me so that I'm able to hear traffic around me, but also concentrate on my music. I've found that the JVC Marshmallow earphones are great. I can hear cars around me, when I want to hear them but music still plays through them quite clearly. And since they fit so snuggly in my ears, I only hear a little bit of wind from them. Check them out!

And one last thing; Alan and I are making a quick video on our sponsored cycle (4th August, get donating) so you can look forward to that soon enough!

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