Desktoppr is a cool app from Keith Pitt and Mario Visic which syncs wallpapers into your Dropbox. It is simply genius.

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Currently it's invitation only, but you're able to request an invite now. I signed up just yesterday and already have my invite, so I was straight into syncing some wallpapers. "Syncing wallpapers" sounds weird, but that's exactly what you do.

For those who don't know what Desktoppr is, it's a wallpaper service in the cloud. Once you're signed up, you link your Dropbox account which creates a new folder ~/Dropbox/Apps/Desktoppr and as you sync a wallpaper, it's added to that folder. The clever bit comes in when you tell your OS to rotate wallpapers from a folder. It works with both Windows Vista/7 and OSX, so nobody is missing out.

One of the clever features is that it's asyncronous, as in; you can drop your current wallpapers into the same folder and it'll sync online, so others can use your wallpaper as well - it's so cool!

And if you're already on Desktoppr, follow me - I'll follow you back :) and if you'd fancy following others, just go to your Dashboard.

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