Donate for Cancer Research - I'm cycling to Rhyl!

So myself and my partners step-dad Alan are cycling to Rhyl (Wales) and back again, spanning  over 140 miles there and back.

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Both Alan and I know people who have/had cancer and it means a lot to us that we achieve this goal. It may be ambitious since we don't really do long distance cycling, but we're giving it a damn good go, and any miles that we fail, we'll be making up for shortly after. This means that if we fail (which we won't) by 25 miles or whatever it may be (as in we get picked up) we'll go back to that point and continue.

It would mean an awful lot to both ourselves if you'd donate even just a couple of quid. All of the money you give goes directly to Cancer Research and would help saving lives.

We'll also be donning a yellow t-shirt with our nicknames in bright pink. Paddy (that's Alan) and Bodger (that's myself). The name doesn't really ring true by the way, it's an old name!

So go forth and donate!

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