Ed Sheeran is a top man

Ed Sheeran, the multi award-winning 21 yr old song-writer, singer and producer isn't only proud to be a big kid with his undying love of Lego, but is an amazing man with a huge heart.

Although this is old news, and I did hear about it at the time - I wanted to personally share my gratitude for us finally having a celebrity who isn't doing it for the money - but to make others happy. Maybe it's my cynical view on things, but I hate celebrities who take advantage of their fame, money and media coverage to perform nothing but acts of selfishness. Footballers to me are the worst - cheating on their partners publically, being paid millions of pounds a month to kick a ball and take part in no actual** **work - this to me is an absolute joke.

Earlier in the year Sheeran performed a private gig to for a 14yr old cancer patient; Abigal Fleming. He flew all the way from Paris to London and caught a train to Sheffield. And before that he sent her a personal message wishing her a happy birthday.

This is the kind of non-selfish act that gives me a lump in my throat and a warm feeling. The amount of respect Sheeran now has, not only from me but the millions of others who read the article is insane. The lad is a true gent. I'd love to give him a hug one day.

Original article: The Sun.

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