Emmet Plugin for Sublime Text 2

I'm a big fan of the many plugins that are available for Sublime Text, and I'm specifically interested in plugins that speed up the already fast development times I get from Sublime. As such I've got a bunch of snippets setup, plugins that make very good use of multi-selections and more — I plan on making a blog post about my Sublime Text workflow in the coming days.

I've previously blogged about a set of plugins for HTML and CSS which was originally available back when Sublime Text V1 was about — however that post is now lost — called ZenCoding which really speeds up development when writing HTML and CSS code.

A plugin for Sublime Text was made shortly after I found out about Sublime Text, and I used it a lot! It really did help.

After a while however, ZenCoding started inteferring with the many new features that came in Sublime Text 2 and as such, I removed the package and setup a lot of snippets instead. That is until the other day when I found a Git repository on GitHub that goes by the name of Emmet.

According to the projects readme, Emmet is a "A work-in-progress official plugin for Sublime Text 2 with upcoming Emmet toolkit, previously called Zen Coding. This plugin will eventually replace current plugin: https://github.com/sublimator/ZenCoding". Sounds very interesting!

You should definitely check out Emmet if you're looking for a better replacement to the now — apparently — outdated ZenCoding plugins.

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