Git missing after installing Mountain Lion?

After upgrading my MacBook to an SSD, I re-installed Lion through the recovery software which worked like a charm by the way... I was too busy to install Mountain Lion afterwards but I managed to install all of my development software;

  • Git
  • Sublime Text
  • CodeKit
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Apache
  • XCode
  • etc.

Last night however I left my MBP to download Mountain Lion so I could install it this morning, again it worked like a charm, except for one issue. I couldn't push my blog post about Clear for Mac because I was missing Git, what?

I definitely installed it as I had already posted Chris Whartons interview the day before, it seems like Mountain Lion just hated my Git install, so what happened? Well, I don't actually know what happened, but I know how to fix it!

  1. Install Xcode, if you haven't already.
  2. Go to the Preferences window, then to Downloads.
  3. Download the Command Line Tools.
  4. Quit Terminal if you have it open already.
  5. Launch Terminal again and type in git you should see the list of what you can do again!

Done! Stupid Mountain Lion.

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