LOVEFiLM is an awesome service, for £4.99 a month it really is hard to complain at as for that, you get to watch films an unlimited amount of times. The only problem I have with it is that there isn't a massive amount of films that can be streamed to your chosen three devices.

We've only had it for a couple of weeks now and it seems that we've missed out on a lot of films that were on the "Last Chance" section. It's a shame really as the some of the films in the seletions they have are really good so far:

  • Salt
  • Source Code
  • Unthinkable
  • Unknown
  • Karate Kid (2010)

Yet there are lots of films you'd think you see but don't. And of course, they don't yet show newly released to DVD films - where would the money in that be?

Even with its slight downsides, I ♥ LOVEFiLM and I really shouldn't be complaining for the price we pay monthly. I watched those 5 films above over this weekend, the price for all 5 DVDs now? Looking at over £20 so I've saved money right there, plus it seems more and more content is being streamed in HD! Yay!

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