I'm on SoundCloud

A few weeks back I told Keylee that I wanted to learn how to make dubstep it's one of my favourite genres at the moment. I think we have this Kardashian like relationship; Scott Disick always wants to try something new or start doing something, however his partner Kourtney Kardashian never truly supports him because he never keeps himself motivated for it long enough. We have this same relationship, here's a few examples of things I wanted to do/become:

  • Caveman - this is kind of out of context, I was burnt out - hating technology and stuff.
  • Race car driver.
  • Start swimming every Sunday - not actually my fault, the local sports centre has shut down their pool.
  • Own a cane.
  • Learn shorthand because I hate writing and this would be quicker.

And quite recently learn to make dubstep. You may be sat there asking why would you do such a thing? And I'd ask, why you're speaking to a computer, but the true answer is because why not? It's better than coding all of the time?

Anyway, here is the link to my SoundCloud account which I'm only uploading samples from the sections I'm working on. I tend to jump around a lot because I get bored and like to hear the different aspects of my project.

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