iA Writer

iA Writer is magnificent! I downloaded it from the App Store yesterday and haven't looked back. It's such a compelling application, that I feel very motivated to start writing a book, it brings back the typewriter-esqué feel - the amount of focus you have on your content. I'm actually using iAW right now, to type this post - that's since I've changed Tumblr to use Markdown. Oh didn't I mention that? iA Writer is a Markdown editor. Markdown was created by John Gruber and has been exploding around the internet ever since; it's that popular, Tumblr supports it ;)

I think the reason I find it so awesome is partly down to how I love minimalism and things being simple. Both of which, iAW does absolutely 110% better than anything else near it's playing field.

iA Writer isn't free, but it's not expensive. For $9.99, it's totally worth it. I'd actually pay the original amount of $17.99 because it's so damn amazing.

One of the best modes (I think) is ⌘ + D which puts iAW in a kind of, further distraction free mode than OSX Lion has just recently introduced. It focuses the current active sentence, fading out anything before or after it. It makes it even more easier to see where you're at in your piece of work.

Another feature that I really like is the Automatic Markdown parsing, which formats your text to the expected Markdown output as you type. This allows you to continue reading your work, without having to parse through consciously if it's a list, bold, emphasis etc etc. Apart from text formatting, iAW also displays lists, numbered and bulleted and block quotes!

Unfortunately however, iAW doesn't support code blocks - which is a great shame to me, since I write a lot of code samples for work projects in Markdown formats, also for GitHub and StackOverFlow. I've suggested it via Twitter, so we'll see what happens in the near future ;)

Images and links are also not supported, however this doesn't bother me so much as I feel that it would ruin the minimalistic feel that iAW has throughout.

I'd post some images, however I'd rather direct you towards their website and get on with buying it! Go forth!

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