In The Sentinel

I appeared in todays copy of our local paper, The Sentinel along with Alan and his son Kieron for our charity cycle to Rhyl and back, spanning a massive 150~ miles!

In The Sentinel

The photographer came out last night and took a good few dozen pictures of us, and even though it was pretty chilly the picture came out well!

The duo had no extensive cycling experience before they began training for the trek and surprised everyone by completing it in under 15 hours. The Sentinel

Alan, of Everest Road, Whitehill, said: "It was pretty difficult as we started back because it began to rain. But we did it and it feels amazing."

They were helped along the first leg of their journey by Alan's son, Kieron, who hadn't even trained for the event.

The factory worker and James, an IT worker, now plan to do a sky dive. Alan added: "I'm terrified of heights so it seems like the ideal thing to do as our next challenge."

Above, from left, Kieron Alcroft, Alan Alcroft and James Brooks celebrating their achievements.
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