Integrating Pushover with Bugify

Today Bugify has had a minor update:

{% blockquote Bugify Bugify Version 1.3.525 %} - Clearing certain caches after login. - Fixes issue with updating your own details if you don’t have permission to manage users. - Only displays users in the same group(s) as yourself (unless you have permission to manage users). - Fixed display of history info in some circumstances. - New feature: Added ability to set default project categories (not currently available to hosted Bugify) - New feature: Added charts to overview page. - New feature: Added External Hook URL more info here (not currently available to hosted Bugify) {% endblockquote %}

The feature that I'm most interested in is the External Hook URL (EHU), which finally allows me to integrate Pushover directly into Bugify, so I can receive notifications without having my Office Email turned on. We host our instance of Bugify locally and as such we don't allow external access to it, since I no longer have my office emails turned on, on my iPhone, I have no way of receiving notifications about it. Enter Pushover.

center /uploads/bugify_pushover.png 320

Originally I was going to modify Bugify which would allow you to manually enter your App token, device ID etc and although I had that working, I was confused as to how Bugify handles Queues etc, so after speaking with Robert Kern he said that he'd make it easier by including this EHU stuff.

Although I'm on a beta channel for Bugify, I only got around to including Pushover once the stable channel had been released. Now that everybody (except hosted instances) can use the EHU stuff, I thought I'd share my PHP code for handling Bugify EHUs.

{% gist 3347914 %}

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