Intellitip - Sublime Text Plugin

Sublime Text development has started picking up steam once again. In dev build 3070, Jon introduced a very basic Tooltip API. I started playing around with it by forking the awesome IntelliDocs plugin.

As a proof of concept I rewrote some of the original code in my fork and arrived with Intellitip which does the same thing, but with the tooltip API.

Intellitip in action

Things to know:

  • It's very buggy.
  • It doesn't use scopes, so when you're in a comment or a string you can still get the tooltip to display.
  • The documentation files that are in use are way out of date. I regenerated Javascript and PHP but it's still buggy.
  • It's not threaded.
  • The tooltip redraws itself every time you move your cursor through a word.

For me, Sublime feels better with it. I'm a PHP developer by trade and as we all know, PHP is inconsistent with it's parameter orders. Even after many years with it, I still can't remember the order between array_walk and array_map for example. This helps me a lot more than I thought it would.

If you're interested in using Intellitip, then you need to install it manually for now. I'll leave that as an exercise to you, but if you struggle let me know.

See Intellitip on GitHub.

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