Interview with David Walsh

I'm starting a series of interviews with developers and designers from all over the world. Whether they work for a corporation, freelance, or they make stuff as a hobby, I want to interview them! Originally I was going to release a new interview every Monday, however due how hectic and random my weeks are, I'll release a new interview each week.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to chat with me :) Could you start by introducing yourself a little?

Hello James! My name is David Walsh and I wear a few different hats. I'm a Web Developer for Mozilla, working primarily on the Mozilla Developer Network, but also chipping away at the Mozilla Marketplace and Firefox OS when I can. I'm also author of the David Walsh Blog, where I write tutorials about CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, and anything else that peaks my interest. I'm also a longstanding member of the MooTools JavaScript framework team. Basically I'm an open web lover that spends way too much time talking about it.

David Walsh

How did you end up in your profession?

I taught myself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript the summer between freshman and sophomore years of high school. That doesn't sound like much now, I suppose, but those were the days where web classes were few and far between, and they all used Dreamweaver. I carried that through college and got the usual n00b web dev job at a local shop. Once I started my blog, my life changed; met lots of great people, upgraded jobs a few times, and now I'm more in love with web development than ever!

What does your desk look like?


When I left my first job, I swore off real desks. Now I just sit where I feel like. Today I'm on my couch where I have a giant window to look out of (rage against the cubicle!). That lump on the right under the blanket is my dog...he's my secretary.

Could you give us a bit of information on any tools/services that you use?

I take pride in the fact that almost all of my tools are free: Sublime Text 2, Cyberduck, etc. I should mention that I use NetVibes as my homepage, and it gives me quick access to all of the information important to me; people should check NetVibes out.

What websites do you visit daily?

Outside of the usual GMail and Google Plus that everyone else visits, I usually just go to wherever my massive RSS feed aggregator takes me. If I see something appealing I'll follow the link; otherwise I don't really have a specific set of sites I visit daily.

Do you have anything awesome happening in the future?

I don't have any huge new personal projects coming up; I'd just like to keep writing awesome tutorials for David Walsh Blog to help inspire other developers. I'll also probably be dedicating more time to Firefox OS and the Mozilla Marketplace, so be sure to check those out!

How and where can we find you?

I'm all over the place, here are a few links to try to keep up with me:

Thanks David!

I love your blog and read the archives almost daily, a wonderful resource, please don't stop :)

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