Interview with Laura Kalbag

I'm starting a series of interviews with developers and designers from all over the world. Whether they work for a corporation, freelance, or they make stuff as a hobby, I want to interview them! Originally I was going to release a new interview every Monday, however due how hectic and random my weeks are, I'll release a new interview each week.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to chat with me :) Could you start by introducing yourself a little?

Hello. I'm Laura Kalbag and I'm a freelance designer working mostly for small clients and startups on web design, app design, illustration and the odd icon.

Laura Kalbag

How did you end up in your profession?

I've pretty much always done it. I wanted to design since I was about ten years old. Back then it was packaging design, through my teens it turned into print design and then web design. I've been working for myself since I graduated just over three years ago.

What does your desk look like?

It's always a bit of a mess. I really need a bigger desk so I have more space for mess.

Could you give us a bit of information on any tools/services that you use?

In the last month or so I've made the move from designing mostly in Photoshop and Illustrator to Sketch 2 It's a brilliant app that's far more tailored towards modern web and app graphics than any Adobe app.

For web development, I love Coda 2, Codekit and (as I'm a bit scared of Terminal) Github for Mac.

As for running a business, the most important tool for me is the fantastic FreeAgent, FreeAgent helps me do all my accounts as well as time-tracking, estimates and invoices."

What websites do you visit daily?

FreeAgent and Fitbit are probably the two sites I have open constantly throughout the day. FreeAgent helps with the business stuff and Fitbit helps keep me healthy. I also use Twitter and far more than is either normal or productive.

Do you have anything awesome happening in the future?

I'm speaking at Tomorrow's Web in London on October 13th, and Handheld Conf in Cardiff on November 19th. That's very exciting because I'm used to attending loads of conferences, but I don't speak at many.

How and where can we find you?

My site is undergoing a redesign so there's not much at at the moment, however my blog is still accessible at I'm on Twitter and as @laurakalbag and laurakalbag on Dribbble and pretty much everywhere else :)

Thanks Laura!

Awesome, thank you Laura; sorry about the size of the images I asked for and good luck with the conferences - I hope one day I'll get the opportunity to listen to you speak at a conference :)

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