Interview with Paul Adam Davis

I'm starting a series of interviews with developers and designers from all over the world. Whether they work for a corporation, freelance, or they make stuff as a hobby, I want to interview them! Originally I was going to release a new interview every Monday, however due how hectic and random my weeks are, I'll release a new interview each week.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to chat with me :) Could you start by introducing yourself a little?

Hi there, I'm Paul Adam Davis. I'm a designer & developer. I work for myself, but have worked for 3 agencies in the past.

Paul Adam Davis

How did you end up in your profession?

Well I did one year of 6th form (or college to those outside the UK) doing sound engineering, but I got a bit bored of that, so I didn't go back for the second year.

I wanted to be a professional photographer, and as such, I needed a portfolio, so I needed a website. I picked up cracked copy of Dreamweaver and tried to understand what was going in. In the year after finishing school, I seem to have picked up enough knowledge about HTML & CSS to land a job as a junior. The rest is history.

What does your desk look like?

I cleaned my desk especially for you guys.

Could you give us a bit of information on any tools/services that you use?

As far as services go, I use BrowserStack to test sites in various browsers and Litmus App for checking emails in the many clients. The tools I use is a longer list. I use CodeKit to compile .less and .coffee files locally, Transmit is my FTP client of choice, Sublime Text 2 is my editor, GitHub for Mac is my SCM app of choice, MAMP for setting up local sites, Sequel Pro for working with MySQL (locally and on external servers). I'm also using to chat with others too, apart from Twitter.

What websites do you visit daily?

Other than the ones I'm working on, Dribbble gets a daily visit, so does, Facebook gets hit quite a lot and so does my bank. I usually find myself on StackOverflow at some point too.

I'm not really a browser, despite being sat in one all day.

Do you have anything awesome happening in the future?

I'm currently writing a book length article for a popular website teaching absolute beginners about HTML, that should go live later this year, other than that, nothing concrete. I do aim to start an agency soon, but we'll see how that goes.

How and where can we find you?

Usually in a decent pub or coffee shop.

Oh you mean online? Well I'm on Twitter as @pauladamdavis, I'm on under the same username. I blog at and show off my work at

Thanks Paul!

Thanks Paul for taking the time to be a part of my interview, I look forward to your book & I'll be buying it! And I hope that the agency comes to fruition.

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