Interview with Teylor Feliz

I'm starting a series of interviews with developers and designers from all over the world. Whether they work for a corporation, freelance, or they make stuff as a hobby, I want to interview them! Originally I was going to release a new interview every Monday, however due how hectic and random my weeks are, I'll release a new interview each week.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to chat with me :) Could you start by introducing yourself a little?

Hello everybody! Thank you for selecting me for this interview! My name is Teylor Feliz, and I am a Web Developer/Designer with over ten years experience from the Dominican Republic. I currently live in Lafayette, Louisiana with my wife and my 14 month old son. I have a Masters in Information Technology and Communications, with a concentration in Web Design and Development, from the University of Denver. I am also in the process of launching my own web development, web design, and consulting company called Haketi. In addition, in my free time I write for our web development blog, Admix Web, and I am starting as a volunteer instructor for the University of People.

Teylor Feliz - I am the one with the purple shirt.

How did you end up in your profession?

Well, I started mostly making boring queries (Oracle and SQL Server) for a telephone company database, and I was required to participate in the creation of web applications so I moved to web development full time.

What does your desk look like?

First of all, I am not a fanboy of anything. I only buy stuff that I need and I think is useful. For example, I do not own a tablet because it does not offer what I need yet. But, I do need two screens and a laptop, so you will find those on my desk, as well as pictures of my family, pads to stretch on, a lamp, a few awards, my phone, and some office supplies.

Could you give us a bit of information on any tools/services that you use?

I try to keep organized and avoid the use of multiples services which later are more difficult to maintain. The tools and services that I use right now are:

Chat, Mail and Backup:



What websites do you visit daily?

To be honest, I don't have specific websites that I visit daily because I usually don't have enough time. Most of the time when I need something I just Google it. In the spare time I visit ESPN, Failblog, Hulu, and Netflix. Now and then, I use to visit Smashing Mag, Hacker News, and the Evanto Network.

Also, once a month I go over my bookmarks to read what I had found on the Web and I could not have time to read at the moment.

Do you have anything awesome happening in the future?

Like I mentioned earlier, right now I am creating "Haketi" which is a new web development and consulting company located in Lafayette, Louisiana and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I am very excited about launching that shortly! Also, I am organizing a new web development magazine and a web development conference in the area by next year. As you can see, I like to stay busy!

How and where can we find you?

I can be contacted at [email protected] or social media websites: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Thanks Teylor!

Thanks for the interview Teylor, my best wishes for you, your new company and the future!

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