Interviews in 2013

This year I've interviewed some of the most creatve designers and talented developers of 2012. They've been an exceptional bunch of people, taking both the time and effort to answer all of the questions, take pictures of their desks and themselves and get round to sending it all to me! So for that, I want to say a massive thank you!

Interview Faces

A year in interviews

If you haven't already, you can read all of this years interviews now.

So except for thanking those wonderfully kind people, what is this post really about?... My Dad.

The other day he mentioned that I should be asking more person-orientated questions to make it more personal — thanks for reading Dad — he's 100% right, I should. One of the key things you should do as an interviewer is focus on the person in hand, make them the centre of attention during the brief time you have with them, that's something I've failed to do across every interview. The reason? I didn't expect for one minute that my interviews were going to be anywhere near as popular as they've turned out to be!

Some statistics

Thanks to a quick cross-calculation between GoSquared, and Google Analytics I'm able to provide some statistics about my posts.

The most read interview was with Amber Weinberg. I believe that Amber has had the most views because she was the first to be interviewed and there was a fair few days until the next interview, leading to more exposure. Amber also linked the interview on her blog.

David Walsh's interview follows Amber in second, probably due to the vast amount of recognition and social reach David has online. He's a celebrity!

The interviews grossed a total of 14,397 page views, including the Interview tag page which by my previous blog standards is very impressive!

Going forward

Taking my Dads point, I'm going to be publishing interviews bespoke to the individual. In the case where the person is too busy to Skype, email, IM or whatever, I'd be more than happy to send them the template interview that I've used up until now. I'm also going to set myself a target, 100 interviews across 2013. Whilst that may not sound like a lot, 2013 is hoping to be an extremely busy year for me; buying a house - and all that goes with it, work, freelancing and more charitable events, plus a whole lot more. However I'm confident that I can publish more high-quality interviews!

Also, if you'd lke to be a part of the interview series, please get in touch with me by Twitter and I'm looking for designers & developers or even startup founders and anything really related to the web, development and everything in between.

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