iOS6 Maps doesn't require software updates

After iOS6 was released to the public back in September, the world mobbed Apple due to their poor implementation of Maps when it was announced they were no longer using Google Maps. I agree, Apple Maps stink however I believe that they had to take a hit by releasing low-quality maps so that they can make a profit — and hopefully a decent service — later on.

There have a few high profile bloggers — to which I've annoyingly lost the links for — but whom have been shouting that Maps can only be fixed by a software update which could take months to be released to the public, rendering iPhone maps useless. This is a load of dog balls. In fact, we're already starting to see improvements in Maps without software updates being released from Apple.

Now let me take a little time to explain how this works and why software updates for Maps is a load of crap. The application itself only displays images that have been requested from Apples mapping servers, the app itself is not broken; it's doing exactly as it should, only the images and 3D renderings are incorrect – little or nothing will be fixed by a software update regarding maps. What could be fixed by a software update is if the app was sending your location at the wrong co-ordinates, but potentially even the server could be broken by perhaps misinterpreting the co-ordinates and sending back images from 100 miles away for example.

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