Is Klout a viable measure of influence?

I've been using Klout for some time, I have the Klout for Twitter plugin installed in Chrome so I can see who's "rated high" in the community they participate in. I do this so that I can communicate with the right people, although this doesn't mean that somebody with a score of 20 is any less than somebody with 80 - I do also take it upon myself to check that person out manually. I'm not creating any cliques in which only the highest people in the community are allowed in, that I would never do.

I'll check my Klout score on a bi-daily basis, just to know if I'm interacting, sharing and whatever enough of the content I'm known for - not to be vein or anything, you could hardly count yourself as a celebrity of that area with a score in the 50s right? Two weeks ago my Klout score was about to jump to about 55, since then it's dropped down to 52 and is only .07 away from 51. Why? Well I'm not sure, I've even been attempting to raise this back up in a series of tests. None of which have done anything to help.

Here is what I've attempted to do:

  • Retweet things that have absolutely everything to do with the internet. A few things have strayed away from this, but since it didn't help, I've not bothered.
  • Retweeted things that have been said by people who DO have a good score. I didn't expect this to work anyway.
  • Tweeted unique content about attempting to learn Ruby/RoR. Which although unsuccessful for the time I had given myself, is related to tech/internet.
  • Blogged.
  • Shared things on Facebook.
  • Connected my LinkedIn which I assumed would boost things since I have a good amount of connections and second/third degrees, but it seems Klout doesn't even know about these.
  • I posted a few pictures on Instagram where I have over 60 followers and usually a couple of likes per picture. Nothing.

It seems that Klout is using algorithms that take a generalised figure from all of the connected accounts. I set my other half up on Klout connecting only her Facebook  account. She's already got 40+ score and rarely uses Facebook.

So do we know what's going on?

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