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Okay, so although I'm currently doing a set of interviews I can't really interview myself, so I thought I'd take the UsesThis template, fill it in and post it to my blog, that way anybody who doesn't know me can learn more about me, better than a stinking about me page right?

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm James Brooks, a twenty-something developer, primarly a web developer, however I'm known to dabble in desktop programming and I've started learning about OSX/iOS programming too :)

What hardware do you use?

My early 2011 13" MacBook Pro tends to follow me everywhere these days. I upgraded to 8GB of RAM the other day after experiencing several lockups and spontaneous crashes.

Since realising that I should learn Ruby I've moved to a Heroku setup where my Octopress powered blog lies, waiting for me to get more serious about blogging, I try though. As a bonus, Heroku supports PHP too!

I listen to a lot of music throughout the day, you'd expect that I'd have decent headphones, but currently I'm rocking some House of Marley Positive Vibrations Rasta Headphones.

 And what software?

I'm primarily an OSX person these days, however my work computer is currently running Windows 7 - mainly so I can connect to my Exchange email account.

Sublime Text 2 for all web development, Dropbox so that I have a backup of anything that I don't mind being potentially public, CodeKit for awesome development stuff, Transmit for FTP, Sparrow for emails even if I do dislike the fact they sold out to Google, Bugify & Basecamp for bug/issue tracking, GitHub for hosting my open source stuff and Heroku to host my blog.

What would be your dream setup?

A 27" iMac, with the biggest external Apple cinema display going - that's how I'd define my dream. I'd also like to have a Linux server running a LAMP/MAMP stack etc by my side so that I can replicate almost any live server setup that I need.

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