Laravel packages I can't live without

This post is a little insight into how I work with Laravel (although you should check out Cachet for more info) at work and on my private projects.

I still use Laravel 4 for everything except Cachet at the moment, I'm familiar with it and it works a treat for most of the things I need it to do.

So here's a list of packages that I instantly set a project up with:

  • watson/validating - this bad boy of a package builds upon Laravel's incredible validating system and makes it easier to validate upon different model events, check for validity of a model and other useful bits.
  • graham-campbell/binput - replaces Laravel's Input facade with Binput, which protects the input from any security vulnerabilities, sanitising input amongst other things. I never use the Input facade anymore.
  • mccool/laravel-auto-presenter - learning about Presenters changed my life and learning about laravel-auto-presenter changed it again. It's really easy to get started with and you'll make your models cleaner, no more mucky attributes just for a View.
  • pragmarx/google2fa - ok, I don't use this in every project, but for projects that need Two Factor Authentication, this is my go to library. We use it in Cachet and I use it in another project I work on.

Like I said, I use these on pretty much every project I work on and they've made writing applications and websites so much easier. I hope that you can gain some use from them too!

What packages do you use?

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