Learning Ruby on Rails

Something that has been on my mind over the last few weeks is that PHP is growing old, it's slowing down, I'm hitting its limitations quite often and having to find workarounds that are defunct, ugly and remind me oh so much of COBOL shuddersAnd I've only looked at COBOL!

Whilst I've been coming to realise PHPs shortcomings more and more, I've noticed more and more websites/companies are using Ruby, along with what I've been promised by the interwebs as the awesome framework Ruby on Rails. So I figured I'd learn the next big thing.

I'm currently setting up my old PC as a Ubuntu Web Server which I'll run Ruby/Apache on so I can both develop locally in PHP/Go and learn RoR. Sweet!

I'll try and keep my blog updated with my status and the cool things I've learnt. Hopefully I'll even have some comparisons between PHP and Rails code!

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