Anybody who knows me, knows that I'm a massive fan of EDM and I've even attempted to dabble in it myself, if only I had more time...

I'm always waiting to hear of a new producer, and since I'm getting bored of my current playlist; sorry Skrillex, Nero and Alvin Risk - and that the fact it's raining and I should be working, I thought I'd look for more stuff. Lo and behold I've found something. An 18yr old who goes by the name of Madeon, the young Frenchman sure knows his stuff and I'm totally hooked on his music.

center /uploads/madeon.jpeg

I love his blazer by the way^1 and the kid just looks so relaxed and content with what he's doing - which is awesome!

{% youtube lTx3G6h2xyA %}

And yet I can't get it on download... WHY OH WHY?

  1. No seriously, I have a thing about blazers. I rarely wear them, but I do like them. In fact, I'm going to wear mine more.

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