No jobs for the young?

Decline of jobs for youths?

I heard on the radio the other morning that in the next few years, younger people (presumably 16-21) will find it hard to get jobs.

I'm 20 years old. I left college four months early to start my first job as IT Support Technician. 8 1/2 months later I move into my second job. Senior Web Developer.

Tell me there are no jobs for the young.

Blame it on the parents…?

I also heard the day before, on the same radio channel, that there will be salary cuts for a certain (I don't remember the number) percentage of families. This will obviously and understandably have an effect on the children.

That's not their fault. Kids make their own future too.

I don't come from a particularly well-off family. Yes, I spent almost three years in college, but my parents didn't pay for that because I was only 16-19 - paid by the government.

I wasn't allowed contact lens because they cost too much. I didn't have "fashionable" (read: expensive) clothes because they cost too much.

And instead of wasting whatever pocket money I could get, going out drinking with friends or hanging round tormenting folk, I spent my days working on a future. I wrote code. I worked on projects.

I built a very basic Operating System. I wrote several custom programming languages. I spent my time improving myself, and readying myself so that when the time comes for an interview, I have something to show for myself.

Rather than the following:

Interviewer: So what have you been doing whilst in college? Me: Oh, just hanging around with friends. Going to parties and whatever.

I can say:

Interviewer: So what have you been doing whilst in college? Me: Where do I start? Operating System. Programming language. Web Projects A, B and C.

It wasn't necessarily because of parents, where I am today, they didn't teach me programming or really encourage me to get there, it's because of myself. And that's what other children should be doing today.

Starting young…

Whilst I knew what I wanted to do when I was older, I didn't know exactly what path I'd be taking to get there. I just figured that I'd worked on projects and hope someone would realise I have potential.

My 11 year old brother however, he has it all planned out. He's been wanting to go to college to do brick laying since I started there over four years ago. See, my brother wants to be a builder, running his own business. He knows that he has to have smarts in Advanced Maths. He's extremely interested in Science, mainly physics and chemistry, since he's figured that he needs to know how gravity and other natural forces will affect his structures and what compounds would be best suited to certain materials.

Obviously a school wouldn't teach him this stuff, but knowing some basic to amateur science would help him understand things later on. It allows him to pursue further courses later on!

Once he's gone through school, it's off to college. Once he's completed a years brick laying (which all due credit, he can already lay bricks better than my 40 something dad… who used to do it when he was younger) he's going to become an apprentice and gain true working experience.

After a few details that I can't remember, his final and rather inspirational goal is to live in Mexico, with two children: 1 boy and 1 girl. The boy will have a quad bike and the girl with have a horse. He'll also be running dog kennels from his house.

He's never mentioned a partner, so my mum and I have concluded that she has his children then he kills and buries her. It makes all the more sense since he wants live in Mexico… He's already learning Spanish in his first year of High School ;)


The point of the above is to show you that an eleven year old, who has had this same plan since he was 8/9 has a plan. He's got his future in sight and I'll be damned if he doesn't get there.

It's awesome. He's awesome. Nobody in my family has ever pushed him to follow that plan, he does it himself. Obviously, we encourage him to do well in school so that he can do the courses he wants to, but his future is ultimately what he makes it.

Now kids. Do your homework.

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