If you've ever followed any of my various blogs which have been spread out across the Internet over the course of several years, you know that I go through high points and low points. I enjoy blogging where there is cause; my recent endeavor to cycle from my hometown of Kidsgrove to Rhyl (Wales) and back again has been the central part of my posts for the past few posts. I used to blog a lot about technology, my projects or downloadable files; however since I started working out there in the real world as a full time employee I've lacked the time, motivation and creativity to blog.

I could probably associate this with my hunger for a better blogging engine. Wordpress is fantastic, it's been pivotal in the online world of journaling lives and events, however as a developer I've found it pretty hefty in that it attempts to do everything because everybody uses it. There is no real target audience; you don't have to be tech-savvy to use Wordpress, there is no real learning curve. Perhaps it's my need to control the application that I use? Perhaps I find it to simple for my needs? I've never really be able to pinpoint the problem I have with Wordpress, but it's time to do something about it.

Previously I've tried Tumblr, however I soon found myself absolutely hating the people that use it. Whilst yes, there are some people who use Tumblr as a personal blog or a place to share their works, there are so many people who fill it with pornographic pictures, LOLcats and such. Although I find LOLcats brilliant, I want an engine that I'm in control of, that I can post how I want, I'm not told that I can post in formats; A, B, C or D.

For me, Octopress seems to be the solution I've been looking for. It's tagline is

A blogging framework for hackers.

It says it all. A framework - not a solution. Frameworks allow people to build upon, whereas an engine is the real end solution to multiple problems. And it's for hackers - it gives me the flexibility to do what I want with it. So this is what I'm going to try (and I emphasize that word because I could give up again at any time) to blog via Octopress.

An even bigger advantage is that I can run Octopress locally, test out my changes and when I'm ready push a new blog, a new colour scheme or whatever it may be. But it doesn't stop there, I've setup a symbolic link from my ~/Sites/Octopress folder into Dropbox, which means I have a backup of my entire blog wherever I am.

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