Purr is a Pebble watch face that mimics the function of the Durr watch, using the watch that you already have!

Purr — Return to your senses...

I developed Purr because I completely understand the principles behind the Durr, but I just don't want to buy a watch, that isn't a watch...

Since Pebble SDK 2.0 is in development, and hopefully soon to be released, I've not bothered making a 1.0 compatible version, so you may have to wait for it. If you don't have the new app, but want to download it, then you visit this link from your iPhone/Android device to install it. Link will come later...

Purr doesn't do a lot, in fact, the only text that you see is the intro screen:

Purr intro

It's only purpose is to vibrate every 5 minutes since you select the watchface. Everything else is just a blank screen, replicating the form factor of the Durr.

Skrekstore have since mentioned Purr on their blog, which is pretty cool. Please contact me — @jbrooksuk — if you want to discuss anything about it.

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