Choose your own adventure

I've been invited to try out an exciting new iPhone application called Saga. Currently it's invitation only however it seems to be a promising app that begins to understand your lifestyle. I'm not actually 100% sure if it works in the UK as well as it seems to in the US, but I'm going to find that out!

Saga is based around three time periods:

  1. The Future
  2. The Now
  3. The Past

It's all about learning your habits, what kind of things you enjoy, another big data kind of application. Cue was supposed to do something similar with your social networks - it attempts to find out what your friends are reading, sharing etc and collate it into something you can read.

center /uploads/saga.png

The more that you do in your life, the more experience points you earn the more it's going to know you. Experience points are basically a way of saying "I have a life". At the moment, Saga is learning about The Now. It doesn't know me well enough to know what I want to be doing, what food I want to eat or if there are any stores near by that I could visit, so I'm unable to tell you how well that's working at the moment.

For now though, I can say that the UI is realy nice. It's kind of unprofessional, but nice and easy to get to grips with. I've added my home place and it knows now that I'm hanging out.

Website: Saga

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