Stripe in Europe

I'm currently looking into creating an e-commerce site for something, a simple micro site where you add some items and checkout. Easy. Or is it? Creating a site like this anywhere will eventually lead you to taking payments. In the UK that means Paypal. A terrible mess of a payment system, the company itself is worse, I've been banned from their service a few years ago because someone I was doing work for turned out to be using a fake identity and using someone else's payment details, why is that my fault? Why should I be banned? I absolutely refuse to use Paypal on ANY grounds since.

In the USA and Canada however it's a different story. Stripe is leading the way forward in payment taking, Space Box by Drew Wilson is making it even easier to get up and running with Stripe. I for one am jealous.

Whilst there is similar services in the UK such as Paymill, nothing compares to the simplicity and support of Stripe. They've been actively encouraging residents from Europe that they're working on bringing their service, even back in October of 2011:

{% blockquote Darragh - Stripe, Stripes reply %} Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the letter! Believe me, we’re working on it. Expanding
outside of the US is our biggest priority. About half the team is
originally from outside the States (I’m from Ireland myself), so we
understand the pain of trying to accept money online in Europe.

So in answer to your letter: we’re not just considering it; we’re
actively working hard on making it happen.

Thanks for the support — it means a lot to us!


-Darragh {% endblockquote %}

So what's going on? Whilst I understand it must be hard getting this kind of thing up and running, surely it shouldn't take 2 years+?

Stripe, you have an absolutely amazing window of opportunity here, you'd be stupid not to take it. You have the funding, you have the money and you have the chance. Make it happen.

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