Closing Anorak

I completely forgot to blog about this, however around a week ago I made the decision to temporarily sunset Anorak

Anorak was my first big side-project in a long time - I've written a few libraries and packages, but nothing that I could turn into a business. Since Cachet became bigger and more overwhelming than I anticipated, I've been unable to spend as much time as I'd have liked on it. On top of that, I have a lot going on personally and professionally, so I'd like to dedicate more time to those things which have are having a bigger impact on me right now.

Anorak Logo

Don't worry though! The source code is still available and once Cachet has reached V1, I will continue working on it more. In the mean time, you should take a gander at StyleCI by Graham Campbell - it provides patches for bad code - a different approach on the same idea, keeping Pull Requests awesome.

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