Textmate is now open source

Textmate, the long standing hardcore editor for OSX has been released as open source. Although I never used it, I'm aware that it has been one of the most used editors (next to vim) on OSX, and many Windows developers have been gritting their teeths in anticipation for a Win32 release.

That all changed however when Sublime Text was first released and finally Windows got their share of awesome. And then something strange happened, the OSX fans became jealous and Jon (the developer of ST) started working secretly to make his application cross-platform. As he was doing this, Textmate slowly started to get updated lesser and lesser & Jon took full advantage of this by releasing Sublime Text 2 to the world hitting; Windows, OSX and Linux.

So it seems now that Textmate has gone one up and released itself as open source. My honest opinion is that Allan (developer of Textmate) has bailed out of the race to become the best commercial text editor on the market. To me, it's more that he was aware of ST2's presence and its increase of users and I think he knew there was no competition between them.

Whether Jon and Allan will join forces and merge the best parts of both editors in to one, well that's possible as Allan has said;

{% blockquote Allan, macromates.com http://blog.macromates.com/2012/textmate-2-at-github/ %} I am also a pragmatist and realize that parts of the TextMate code base is useful for other (non-free) applications, so I may later move to a less restrictive license, as is currently the case with the bundles. For now, please get in touch with us if there are subsets of the code base you wish to use for non-free software, and we might be able to work something out.
{% endblockquote %}

Perhaps Jon will be willing to purchase the right to use some of the code that Textmate does. Maybe he doesn't need to? Jon has always provided stunning solutions to his editor and his users needs.

Text editor history is still in the making. Let's just wait it out.

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