Top 3 Sublime Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the top 3 Sublime Text shortcuts that I recommend.

Command Palette

CTRL/⌘ Shift P

Probably the most powerful shortcut as it allows you to run almost any command using the ingenius fuzzy search algorithm to find you the command you want to run and fast.

Insert Line After

CTRL/⌘ Enter

Very quickly allows you to jump to add a new line, regardless of where you are in the current one. Unlike usual text editors, pressing Enter will shift all of the content after the caret onto the next line. Sublime doesn't!

Insert Line Before

CTRL/⌘ Shift Enter

Does the opposite to the above. Sublime will insert a line above the one you're currently on, leaving the caret at the beginning of it. Very cool if you need to add a quick if/else around something.

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