Upgrading my MacBook Pro 2011

Since upgrading to Mountain Lion I've had nothing but crashes and it has been driving me insane. In my experience, OSX has been nothing but stable for me - with of course a few exceptions, but they were caused by my own stupidity for the majority.

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Don't get me wrong, I love the features that ML has included; okay, I admit; I used the Dictation functionality once to write a Facebook status cementing my nerd status there but I've never used it since. Perhaps I'm not the target audience for such a feature - it works well, but I prefer the feedback from a keyboard when I'm typing.

I've tried a variety of solutions, mostly posed to me from the feedback of my topic on The Verge Forums such as using Onyx to fix any permissions that have been set incorrectly. Next to that I've also fixed my startup disk which seemed to have a couple of problems. For the most part, my problems disappeared, but I've still had a few. Irritatingly I tend to notice them when resuming from sleep, everything locks up and I'm stuck in one app.

At first I put it down to Messages since I had setup two extra accounts; Jabber and Facebook (which is a Jabber protocol). So I removed the accounts, leaving just my iMessage account there, but still nothing. This didn't make much sense to me anyway, I was running Messages in beta (before I wiped my MBP and freshly installed Lion) and had no problems at all. The only other thing I was running which could be causing problems was Synergy, so I turned that off for a half a week and was still experiencing crashes.

Time to upgrade then right? Previously I was running 4GB of RAM which had been sufficient enough for me to run XCode, Sublime Text 2, Transmit, iTunes, Sparrow etc all at the same time and experience no noticeable slow down. Now everything was slowing down. I ordered 8GB RAM which cost £50 from Amazon, thankfully I had a voucher so I only paid about £10.

So far it seems to have done the trick. Everything is working as it was before, if not snappier. I know that I could have re-installed Mountain Lion as a fresh install, however I don't have the time, and I was pretty convinced it was a memory issue. Upgrading the RAM is really simple, I've never opened an Apple machine before but was pleasantly surprised to find the RAM slots right in front of me, cleverly the slots are stacked, as to save horizontal space.

TL;DR it's worth upgrading your Mac every now and then.

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