We're halfway!

We've finally reached past the £500 mark on our goal of £1000! It's an awesome feeling to be reaching halfway and we're hoping we can get nearer to our goal in the 6 days that we have left!

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We have a few more friends and family that we're waiting on, but we're guessing we'll shoot past the £700 mark! Our current £500 goes towards incredible stuff.

  • Our experienced Cancer Information Nurses provide a confidential service for anyone with concerns about cancer. (check out http://cancerhelp.cancerresearchuk.org/) £500 could pay for a training afternoon for the whole team to help them develop skills in talking about bereavement and loss, dealing with emotionally difficult calls or talking to children and young people about cancer.
  • Can you imagine venturing into the Antarctic without anything to protect your hands from the freezing cold? Well that’s what it would be like for our scientists retrieving valuable samples from ultra-cold freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks, if we didn’t provide them with protection! £550 helps keep the frostbite at bay for 10 of our researchers by buying them each a pair of gloves. Did you know that liquid nitrogen is so cold that it boils at minus 196°C?
  • Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK, with nearly 40,000 people being diagnosed in the UK every year. We’re working tirelessly to find new ways to beat it by finding new treatments. £677 enables one person to take part in a clinical trial to see if a combination of chemotherapy before and after surgery and a new drug Vectibix can save more lives from the disease

If you can, please donate! And thank you :)

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