Why I hate roadworks

I like road words, at least the idea of them. To me, they show that England is constantly improving, assuming that all roadworks are to make stuff work better, cheaper and become more robust. I even like the fact that for the majority of road works, there will be a sign for usually a few weeks ahead of when they're supposed to begin.

However, I hate roadworks because there is no co-ordination to them. They're in the way no matter which route you take somewhere. And this is the problem I have with them, they are every where. I'm unable to get to work now without hitting road works, it doesn't matter which way I go, I'll eventually stop at them.

They're planned wrongly, as in, they should be completed one after another, not started at the same time. This would keep traffic flowing and decrease the amount of cars in each queue, which would have a knock on effect everywhere as the chances of EVERY SINGLE CAR taking the same route would decrease with the amount of junctions and turn-offs there is.

Another solution would be to increase the distance between each set of roadworks and implement better traffic-flow control. We have two sets of works within 100 ft of each other which means traffic is prone to queueing onto a big roundabout at 6PM which causes further congestion with each car.

Anyway, that's my rant because I got stuck in four sets of roadworks in my 15 minute drive home.

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