Windows 8 - How to get IE out of desktop-only mode

I've setup boot camp on my Mac Book Pro during the last couple of days and have been running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on it. It's takena lotof getting used to, and that's coming from someone who very quickly adopted Windows Vista & 7 when they were released to developers... Metro is cool, but sometimes things take a lot longer to do - I'm currently putting this down to lack of a tablet device.

I installed Google Chrome like I always do however I've found that IE10 is actually a decent browser; yes I miss my plugins and stuff, but I just IE10 renders things nicely, is fast and is so much better over its superiors. Anyway, upon installing Google Chrome I found that IE no longer wants to run in Metro mode. This is how I fixed it.

  1. Go to Start / press

  2. Type "Default"

  3. Open Default Programs

  4. Choose Set Your Default Programs on the bottom of the window

  5. Chose *Internet Explorer *from the left hand side

  6. Click Set this Program as Default

All done! Enjoy :)

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